Welcome to Inner Strength Martial Arts

Inner Strength Mixed Martial Arts of Leechburg PA, is about 45 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh. We are 15 minutes from 28 north exit 17 (Freeport).

Specializing in Mixed Martial Arts for over 20 years, our school offers a safe and family friendly environment for those dedicated students looking for a program that offers the ability to gain in strength, power, technique, discipline and self confidence.

Belts here are earned. We want only the students who really WANT to be here, not just those who have paid for a program.
Also, there is no pressure to test. You are here to develop YOUR best self, and you can do this with or without taking a best test.

However, if you in your heart wish to be a black belt, then you will indeed earn that title here with hard work, dedication and perseverance. To achieve black belt ranking in our system requires years of practice, so that when you take the 2 day test, you will be at your best level of fitness in your life, proficient at all your skills of forms, free fighting and grappling, and truly know that you have earned and deserve that title.

We welcome you to join us.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dojo Day - A great success

This past October we held our semi-annual Dojo Day. This event is to foster teamwork, allow our students to connect in a way other than sparring, and to honor our building that we train in, call the dojo.

Friday, December 3, 2010

BELT TEST - December 8

Belt test from 2002 - Can you guess who they are?
Belt test evenings are always full of excitement here at Inner Strength. I'm always proud of the martial artist who are ready to push themselves to a new level of training. This week will be no exception to that.

After watching belts test for over 14 years now, I still get nervous for my 'kids' (because all the ones who start here as little tykes, and grow up here to be amazing adults, are still my 'kids).
As I organize the test forms, I  whisper my prayers for them to shine in their strength and power, skill and technique.

Good luck everyone!  I know it will be a great test!
TEST starts at 7pm - Testing fee $40